Your CLIP profile no longer has a password. Login is via a login link, found in every email. You can also surf to www.clipvakanties.be/mijn-clip and enter your e-mail address. You will then be sent a login link (be sure to check your spam!).

Parents with children who already went along with CLIP also already received this login link in the mail, along with some explanation on switching systems. 

Search on www.clipvakanties.be for your preferred camp and click on "Register." You will thus automatically start the registration process.

Did you already have an account? If so, you may still be logged in. Otherwise, you will be sent the autolink after you enter your email address.

Are you new to CLIP? Then follow the registration procedure step by step. After registration, your account is created and you can further complete both your child's and your own information.

By logging into your CLIP profile. At My Family you can change your child(ren)'s medical record(s) and contact information for yourself and your child.

Payments are preferably made online, either by mobile phone (using a QR code) or by bank card. Payment by credit card is not possible. 

Once your registration is confirmed, at the end of the registration process you will be given the option to pay the deposit immediately. This is not mandatory, you can also do this later from your CLIP profile. To do so, go to My Payments, where you can choose to pay all or part of it. At the top you can see by which date payments are due.

For children of divorced parents, the system provides 2 options.

  1. 1 parent profile is created, with two email addresses (mom - dad). Both parents then have 100% the same info, can log into the profile (and thus make changes to the camp, make payments, ...) and receive the same camp emails (practical info, payment reminder, ...)
  2. 2 parent profiles are created, and the children are linked to both parents. Each parent then has their own profile and sees all the children's registrations, including those made by your ex-partner. You can only edit/pay for the enrolments you have made yourself, also the camp mails will only be sent for the camps you have placed yourself.


Yes, via My Enrollments you can change options up to 14 days before the start of camp.

You can. You can provide the friends' names during registration. And on your CLIP profile at My Enrollments you can also do this afterwards, up to 7 days before the start of the camp.

We try to take friends into account as much as possible. If the age difference is too big, we may propose to do the language activities in separate groups. 

You cannot do this yourself. To do this, contact CLIP at info@clipvakanties.be. The conditions and cancellation fees can be consulted in our general terms and conditions.

Every participant who went to camp with us in 2023 is entitled to a THANK coupon. This personalized coupon code entitles you to a €15 discount 2 times. You can use it yourself or hand it out to someone else.

Did you unsubscribe from promotional emails? If so, we could not send your THANK coupon. Contact the agency before or after your subscription and we'll fix it.

THANK coupon found? Enter it in the gift icon during registration.

You enter the company discount at 'partner discount'. You first select which company discount (e.g. Benefits at Work) you wish to use and then type in the code you received from your employer. Does it not work? Please contact us.

Please note that the corporate discount is not valid on externship camps.

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