Becoming an leader at CLIP

More than 300 leaders each year provide the wow feeling that participants go home with after their vacation. They deserve a good leader policy: not only can they participate in training with opportunities for advancement, they also enjoy a fun annual programme.

For specific questions, please contact Chelsey and Jeroen at moni@clipvakanties.be in the monitor's office. They will be happy to help you.

Internal and external candidates

At camp, a lot of participants get an appetite to become leaders and apply to be part of the training afterwards. These are our "internal" candidates.

In addition, a growing group of "external" candidates are finding their way into the CLIP family, including more and more French monitors. This creates an "explosive" mix of young and old, second language and native speaker.

Training à la carte

You don't become an leader without training, of course. Contact days and training weeks for language workshops, animation and kitchen provide solid preparation. This enables every team in the field to score. These trainings are recognized by the Flemish Government.

In addition, we encourage our monitors to take additional, outside training, such as Red Cross first aid or a lifeguard license.
During the camps, the very many monitors are coached (and evaluated) by head animators and staff staff members. They in turn are assisted by secretariat coordinators.

The inspiration, energy and supportive control are part of the success of recent years.

Development opportunities

After your first experiences as an leader (language workshops, animation or kitchen), you can gradually move on to other positions. An leader can go through an entire CLIP career. Check it out here.

For example, head leader is a possible next step where you supervise one new monitor. Or why not become a staff member and coach an entire team? You can also advance in the kitchen to become a kitchen manager, giving young people a top culinary experience.

In addition to the various camps in Belgium, CLIP offers a wide range of destinations abroad. It is the tour guide training that opens the door to destinations such as Morocco, the language cruise, South Africa... Obviously, experience, language level and CLIP spirit play a major role.

Events, travel and meetings

CLIP also stands for a fun and educational year for its volunteers through events (e.g. Christmas reception, reunion, etc.) and trips (e.g. a cruise on the Mediterranean, a city trip to Dublin, New York or Paris). During various theme meetings, you also make a lot of friends and get a say.

Are you a French / English / elementary school teacher (in training), do you study languages or do you simply have a good command of French or English? Do you possibly have a certificate of leader in youth work? Would you like to gain new teaching experience in Belgium or one of our foreign sites?

Have you long dreamed of following in the footsteps of master chefs and is a French language immersion no problem for you ... or just the challenge you have long dreamed of?

Did you discover the world with your backpack and can't wait to put your world knowledge, in addition to excellent language skills, into practice as a tour guide in Morocco, New York or on a language cruise?

Do you have a passion for winter sports and would like to share it with a group of young people in the Italian mountains?

In short, do you want to become a CLIPmonitor? Then follow these steps:

Step 1: Contact us

Are you a minimum of 18 years old? Then apply to become a CLIPmoni at moni@clipvakanties.be. You can work at CLIP as a 'teacher', 'leader' or 'cook'. You will get more information about this during the introductory interview.

Briefly introduce yourself, your experience and your motivation.

Are you not yet 18 years old? Then be sure to contact us as well and we will discuss the various options together.

Step 2: Introduction interview

Within 5 days, a CLIP employee will contact you and - if you are eligible - you will be invited for an online introductory interview. During this interview you will get more information about the organization and the vacations you want to work on.

Step 3: Preparatory meeting

Before the summer starts, you will meet in the office with the other new external candidates. With one of the coordinators you will go over the planning of your first camp and get acquainted with some of the activities.


If you would like to obtain the certificate of leader in youth work, please send an email to moni@clipvakanties.be. Then we can see if you can join the leader training in early November or during the Easter holidays.

If, as a participant at camp, you've felt like becoming a monitor yourself, then you are an internal candidate. Read how to become a monitor here.

This training is recognized by the Flemish Government.

Step 1: Do I have the right profile?

If you have enjoyed CLIP camps as a participant and are ready for the next step, become a leader.

The leader group consists of more than 300 passionate volunteers, young and old, Dutch-speaking and French-speaking.

What binds the CLIP staff is their team spirit, commitment and enthusiasm to make every activity a top-notch experience in a playful environment. A wow feeling in our participants is what you are all about.

How can I participate?
A. Teacher
Teachers have an excellent knowledge of French/English. You do not have to be a professional teacher to do this. After all, a CLIP vacation is not comparable to a class at school or any other language vacation.

B. leader
The leader relieves the teacher and takes the participants under his/her wing for a varied animation in which the language component still plays a major role.
As leader , you are also aware of the CLIP philosophy. This means that the youngsters must also learn and use the language during the animation. The leader ensures that the participants speak the official language (French or English).
As leader , you also have more than adequate language skills (French and/or English).

C. Cook
At several places, CLIP provides its own food. This is an absolute asset. No expense or effort is spared to give as many "hungry wolves" as possible a culinary wow-factor. Talk about a challenge! For this, CLIP is looking for employees who can juggle a pinch of energy, a clove of humor and 'Our CLIP cookbook'. No problem if you can't cook yourself yet. Learning to cook is part of the process.

Step 2: The theoretical internship

The leader training is organized in one or two parts in early November or during the Easter vacations. If you signed up during the summer as a candidate to become a monitor, you probably received a letter along with the training dates. It is also possible that you were tipped off by the monitor team locally as a monitor potential. After the summer, you will probably receive an email inviting you to the training as well.

Didn't sign up as a candidate this summerbut really want to become a monitor now? Then please contact the CLIP office at 016294999 or send an email to moni@clipvakanties.be.

You will complete this theoretical internship entirely in French or English.

Step 3: The practical internship

During the Easter and/or summer vacations you will do at least one week of internship at camp. This may mean being called on as a "teacher," "leader" or "cook" during a camp or for the ski vacation, and this for French and/or English.

Of course, we strive for a healthy age range towards the participants. This leader experience requires a lot of commitment but also offers a unique opportunity to permanently perfect your language skills. Moreover, the social skills you acquire will certainly come in handy in your future life.

As at every CLIP camp, fun and cool friends are guaranteed. The office staff prepares the activities in advance to perfection. That means you have some free time, too. During that free time, you can soak up the sun by the pool, go on a bike ride in the area or join a bivouac.

Step 4: The practical internship

At the end of your practical training, there is an evaluation moment. If you get a positive evaluation of the theoretical and practical part, you will receive the certificate of leader in youth work, recognized by the Flemish government.

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