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Domaine Provincial de Wégimont

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No class, but classy style at a fairy tale castle

The Château de Wégimont is the ideal location for youngsters aged 8 to 13 who take their first steps in the world of French language. In a playful way,  children learn their first words and phrases.  

We have plentiful contacts with locals, so we can put all that we have learned into practice. We go on language exploration in Liege and Spa and talk to visitors on the Provincial Domain.

We frequently dip in the outdoor pool to cool off, and take full advantage of the sports fields and forest.How about a safari trip? In the animal park of "Le Monde Sauvage" we take a train trip. Afterwards, we climb and clamber at a ropes course among the trees.

Feel free to customize your language holiday by choosing one of our optional activities: each and every game with a ball, arts and crafts or water enthusiasts.

Language holiday at a castle

The Castle of Wégimont is a dream location that in no way reminisces of a school. This is a cardinal aspect of a CLIP holiday! You stay in beautiful rooms of 2, 3, 4, 6 or 8 people. Rooms are only assigned after a lot of contact activities, which allows you to choose your own "roommates".

Feasting little foodys

The castle's kitchen team knows the desires of our participants through years of experience.

On the breakfast buffet there are fruit juice, hot chocolate, milk, sandwiches, cereal, chocolate, jam, cheese spread....

At noon, we have a hot meal. We always start with a tasty, fresh soup which is followed by a main course : steak with fries and salad, cordon bleu with fried potatoes and apple sauce, roast chicken with mashed potatoes, brochette with rice and ratatouille. For dessert, the castle serves fruit and ice cream, cake, bavarois, pudding ... Only some examples, of course... There's much more to discover

At 3 p.m. we are regaining our strength with pastry, cake or a bit of fruit.

In the 
evening you can enjoy a hot meal like spaghetti, lasagna, a rice dish with chicken and duck sauce ... and, of course, dessert.

A sports paradise

The Provincial Domain of Wégimont has everything your heart desires: sports fields (for soccer, basketball, miniature golf), barbecue corners, a playground, woods and vast lawns for outdoor games, a rowing pond ...

The huge heated outdoor pool with slides is without the slightest doubt the main attraction. Here children can fully enjoy themselves.

In this formula, the emphasis is on sports. Language and sports activities are combined in a playful way.

Main language Dutch with language initiation in French

Wégimont is "the place to be" for beginners. The language initiation formula is a playful introduction to the French language.

The tutors encourage participants to speak French as much as possible with positive comments and incentives. Every day you can earn CLIPPERTJES. The tutors reward effort with gifts and funny quid pro quos.

Speaking Dutch is allowed to lower the threshold, except when it comes to basic vocabulary participants already know. Throughout the week, the bar is slowly raised. For example, "the bottle of water" will still be allowed on day one where on day six we expect the children to ask for a "bouteille d'eau." And that works. As a result, the children are very enthusiastic. 

The language approach is practical and visual. For example, there is a placemat on the table with useful vocabulary and phrases for use during meals. The daily program is posted in French with cute drawings.

Each language activity gets the youngsters moving to the maximum. For example, we do a chair dance where you have to sit down as fast as you can when you hear a specific word.

Each 45 minutes we work on a different theme. Variation is the key. In the afternoon, the learned vocabulary  is rehearsed in a playful way during the animations.

On a language excursion in Wallonia

In addition to all the language contacts at the Provincial Domain, there are several excursions. Every week we visit Liege and Spa, where we set out on a language exploration. After this, let's safari! We venture into the animal world of Le Monde Sauvage, where we make our way through a ropes course.

Judge for yourself! Quizzing with passersby, scrambling for words through games or greeting as many people as possible ... it's just a selection from the wide range of activities...  

Aided by well-guided assignments, speaking French becomes more fun and a genuine experience. The reward: lots of fun and an overwhelming feeling of being able to do things you never held possible before. During this activity, quite obviously, children remain under the supervision of tutors at all times. 

Entertainment at the castle

CLIP puts a lot of sports activities on the program, which are suited for the very young. In addition to this, we are strongly inspired by (cartoon) films and television programs for children and teenagers and we immerse ourselves in the castle atmosphere. We set out on a search for "aliens" hiding on the domain and, all together,  we finally will defeat even the worst enemies.

In the evening we try to win as much CLIP money as possible during a casino. We end the week with a real gala night for CLIP's 40th anniversary and sing our hearts out at a French karaoke.  

In addition, we continuously incorporate language assignments into the games. 

With a bivouac on the property, Wégimont gets an adventurous touch. We close this  atmospheric evening with singing, music and something tasty. We make a cozy campfire and of course marshmallows are not to be missed. Delicious right?  

8-10 years: Mini B

The youngest participants aged 8-10, the mini-Bs, who have never had French in school get a separate approach. Normally, the degree of supervision at CLIP fluctuates around one tutor for 5 participants. For the mini-Bs, the number of tutors is higher.

Tutors make sure that fun and learning level remain very high. They also keep an extra eye on things and help the children when needed (e.g. making the backpack for a day trip).

The youngest learn their first words and sentences in a playful way. The activities appeal to all the senses. Participants listen, talk and move. The conjugation of "être" or "avoir"? Singing and dancing will make it clear. New words are always rehearsed in the animations.

Feel free to personalise your camp by choosing an additional option (included): Arts and Crafts, Water Enthusiasts and Each and Every Game with a Ball.  It's a 1 hour a day activity for 5 days. Upon registration, you can choose your option, but you can always change it afterwards via your CLIP profile.

Option 1: Each and every game with a ball

The tutors explore different sports together with you. They are your personal trainer and coach at the same time. We start with a little practice and finish with a game. Basketball, soccer, baseball, and, of course, water polo....

Option 2: Arts and Crafts

We are brimming with ideas. Crafting necklaces, building castles, designing key chains or decorating photo frames to hold your best camp photo... In no time, you and the whole group will have enough works of art ready to put on a real exhibition.

Option 3: Water enthusiasts

During this activity we take a dip in the outdoor pool for team building activities and water relays. On the rowing pond, we will try to reach the other side as fast as possible and we will also organize water games on dry land. Get your water pistol ready!

Practical information

Domaine Provincial de Wégimont

Chaussée de Wégimont 76
4630 Ayeneux

Also, always include the camp code and name on the envelope when sending a letter.

CLIP cannot be held liable for loss, theft or damage to personal belongings.

Luggage is limited to 20kg. Heavier luggage may be refused.

Travel documents and pocket money
Identity card in carry-on, copy in your luggage
Upload passport photo via your CLIP profile
Pocket money for an extra drink or personal expenses: €25
Copy of the general CLIP regulations signed by the participant (you can find this here)
Those who wish to send a card home, best bring stamped envelopes. Don't forget to put addresses on them.
Towels (1 for the shower and 1 for the pool)
Sunscreen and aftersun
Paper handkerchiefs
Warm sweater and long pants
T-shirt and shorts
Party attire (gala evening 40 years CLIP)
Underwear and stockings
Swimwear (classic swim trunks or close-fitting shorts required, no loose-fitting shorts !)
Something to protect your head from the sun
Slippers, sturdy shoes and athletic shoes
Lunch for the first noon (we eat together)
Refillable water bottle
camera (optional)
Backpack for the excursions
Sleeping bag (for a bivouac - sheet, fitted sheet and pillowcase already provided)

Shared transportation is by coach.

May we ask to be present at the boarding point half an hour before departure? Where possible, the buses will depart at the time listed below.

If you change your departure point, please update this online. If the pick-up point changes 1 week before departure, this can no longer be done online. Please notify the office (by mail or phone)!

Outbound trip (rendezvous 30 min in advance)
Arrival Wégimont (bus):13u00
Return trip
Departure Wégimont (bus):14u30


Parking Autocars Ghent-Dampoort

Please note: parking is not allowed in the bus parking lot, but is allowed in the (paying) car parking lot next to it.


Parking Groot-Bijgaarden E40 ESSO (formerly: Texaco), Ghent-Brussels side for the outward journey, Brussels-Ghent side for the return journey.


Parking Bodart, Koning Boudewijnlaan

! Attention blue zone. Don't forget the parking disc.


Getting there: we expect you around 1 pm at the entrance of the castle. The easiest way to reach the castle is via the highway Brussels-Liège-Aachen (exit 37). The provincial domain is signposted from the exit.
If you wish, you can take the opportunity to swim (free of charge). Please note that classic swimming trunks are required. Ask for swimming pool entrance bands at the reception desk.

Return: please ask parents to pick up their child(ren) at 2:45 pm.

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Each and every game with a ball, water enthusiasts, arts and crafts


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